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PROGRAM REVIEWS for the individual concerts will be posted here as they become available.


Chamber Music Society of Utica - Our 83rd year!

On Sunday, October 15th, at 2:30, the Chamber Music Society of Utica presented the first concert of its 83rd season featuring the outstanding AYA PIANO TRIO. The concert took place at Munson, 310 Genesee Street, Utica, New York and was also live-streamed via CMSU’s website. This concert was made possible by generous donations from Rona Lucas and Jan and Pat Moore.


AYA got their name from the first letter of each of the performers’ names: violinist Angela, pianist Ying and cellist Andres.  But as Ying also pointed out: “in Chinese AYA means in the process of becoming!”.


The Trio is based in Boston and New York City and was formed in 2013 at the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia. They studied extensively with Peter Wiley and several other renowned musicians.


The program included works by Mozart, Babajanian and Brahms. What impressed me the most was their sensitivity to the music, intensity of sound, flawless technique and supreme musicianship. While displaying their unique styles of playing, the artists performed as if they were one instrument.


They received a well deserved standing ovation. It was a thrilling concert to see and to witness this young trio’s love of music and great promise for an outstanding performing career. To quote a board member, Marietta von Bernuth, “It was such a heartening experience in the midst of our world seeming to fall apart.”

Anita Humer

Professional pianist, accompanist and piano teacher
Staff pianist at Colgate University

Serves on boards of CMSU, the Leschetizky Piano Organization, NYC

and the Monday Evening Music Club of Norwich NY


Gigi Baas–
I can't think of a better testimonial than to say that before the first piece ended, my husband and I decided to become CMSU subscribers.  Chamber music provides the listener with intimacy and immediacy not often experienced in the concert hall. The setting at MWP was perfect, and the performance breathtaking. 


Patricia Hoffman–

Sunday’s AYA Piano Trio performance left me in awe of these three musicians, from their technical ability to their profound expression of the music.  The chamber ensembles brought to the perfectly suited venue at Munson never disappoint!

John H. Orr–

Admittedly, I have been a lifelong lover of the symphonic repertoire. Imagine my delight and surprise at attending my first CMSU concert. The youthful AYA Piano Trio performed an energetic and challenging program comprised of well-known piano trios by Mozart and Brahms that bookended a remarkable rarity by Armenian Arno Babadjanian. His 1952 Piano Trio is filled with sparkling rhythmic patterns, dense harmonies and tremendous energy. Throughout the entire program, the resonant acoustics of the Munson Auditorium revealed the technical precision of the players. In turn, their obvious and infectious love of playing together was passionately transferred to a thankful audience.


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