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PROGRAM REVIEWS for the individual concerts will be posted here as they become available.


A kaleidoscope of sounds filled the Munson Williams Proctor Museum auditorium as the Euclid Quartet performed Robert Paterson’s String Quartet no. 1. This contemporary composer, from Buffalo, N.Y. introduced his commissioned work explaining how it came to be written and his collaboration with the Quartet that made it so unique.


This five-movement work produced sounds of tapping, whistling, meowing, barking, and screeching to name a few. It was often comical with all of its dissonances and irregular driving rhythms. It was an amazing performance that brought me to my feet applauding and yelling bravo!


In musical contrast to the first work was the Schubert String Quintet in C major adding the renowned cellist, Adrian Daurov.  Although this work was written only a few months before Schubert’s death, it was exuberant, noble in conception and spiritual in melodic conception.  This large four-movement work was performed flawlessly with all the needed technical expertise, musicianship and grandeur.  


Happily, the Euclid Quartet was able to perform live and the concert was well attended. Our President, Susanna Watling’s, remarks included how grateful we were to have an audience and look forward to our next concert on April 24th when we will hear “Worlds of Wonders” performed live by WindSync.

Anita Humer

Professional pianist, accompanist and piano teacher
Staff pianist at Colgate University

Serves on boards of CMSU, the Leschetizky Piano Organization, NYC

and the Monday Evening Music Club of Norwich NY

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