Who We Are

The Chamber Music Society of Utica had its beginnings in 1941, with a small group which played together. We are among the oldest of the chamber music presenting organizations in the country. We have survived because our patrons believe in the value of the Society and have a passion for the power of music. The Board of Trustees is a completely volunteer [read: no paid staff, no office space!] organization which works closely together season after season to bring the greatest possible value of ticket and patronage funds to our stage. So that you may know who we are, our names are listed below, including honorary members who have served long and those who are currently officers. We welcome your comments and calls always.

Marietta von Bernuth, President
Telephone: (315) 896-6102
Heidi Jost von Bergen, Vice President
Kenneth J. Griffin, Secretary
Joan Fiori Blanchfield, Treasurer
Natalie T. Combar, Tickets (315) 507-3597

Carmela Brown, Rand Carter, Suzanne Kulow Costanza, Vincent Costanza, Dorothy Einsiedel Deimel,
Betty Lou Frye, David B. Goldenson, Joan Huntington Gorton, Timothy C. Gorton, Anita B. Humer,
 Maryan McCarthy, Jane McDermid, Jan Moore, Barbara Sweeney, Robert Verkyl,
JoElyn Wakefield-Wright, Susanna Watling,
Laurence G. Zoeckler, Raymond Zoeckler

Honorary Trustees
Nigel Bolland, Stephen Bonta, Gilbert Butler, Dorothy J. Smith, James I. Taylor