The New York Chamber Soloists
2 December 2007
2:30 pm

performing “The Baroque Trumpet”
Handel, Vivaldi,Telemann, Baldassare

L-R; Ynez Lynch, viola; Melvin Kaplan, oboe;
Adam Grabois, cello; Jennifer Grim, flute;
Elizabeth Metcalfe, harpsichord; Curtis Macomber, violin

This outstanding ensemble of distinguished soloists will bring to us a unique baroque program; their repertoire stretches over more than 250 works in a wide range from early music to more than 25 commissions written for them. The 12-member group of strings, winds and keyboard can increase to twenty with additional guest artists, affording a flexibility to offer compositions seldom heard due to the unusual structure of the instrumentation. Founded in 1957 (that’s not a misprint), the Soloists will have celebrated their 50th anniversary by the time they appear on our stage.